Our biggest and most challenging project in the DRC to date was the building of 194  three bedroom houses of 96 m2 in the Tenke Fungurume mining concession in Katanga province.

The contract was secured in June 2007 with GRD MINPROC.

The project presented its own unique challenges.

1.  98% of the labourforce had to be sourced from the local communities of Fungurume and Tenke.                          Building ,construction and safety had to be of international standard and major  inhouse training and development was undertaken throughout the duration of the project.

2. Bricks was sourced and transported from local producers using manual labour ,locally made coal and virtually no modern tegnology to manufacture their bricks.

Again training and quality control was  daily and ongoing throughout the project.

3.Sand for building,plastering and concrete had to be sourced,mined and transported from a river 30 km from site.

Other projects successfully completed for Tenke Fungurume Mining:

1.Supply ,shuttering and laying of 5000m2 concrete on various projects on the concession.

2.Building and commissioning of incenerator.

3.Building of watertreatmentplant.

4.Major renovations to existing infrastructure and buildings.



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